My Shared Pathway - Introduction

My Shared Pathway is a way of planning, following and managing our stay in a secure hospital. It is a way of working with staff to help us achieve the life we want to lead both now and in the future. My Shared Pathway was developed by service users, staff and commissioners of secure care over a period of more than a year. The themes that led to the development of the Pathway Resource Books and My Outcomes, Plans and Progress came out of discussions with service users from all over the country.

My Shared Pathway aims to ensure that we work together with staff to identify, clarify and work towards the required outcomes or ‘achievements’ that will enable us to leave secure care and move back into the community.

My Shared Pathway encourages us to work together with staff rather than feeling that staff do things to us, and helps us take as much responsibility and control over our recovery as possible.

It may take a lot of time to fully explore, reflect and discuss our needs and the needs of others. Throughout My Shared Pathway we can expect to be treated as individuals by looking at our individual needs. We will be encouraged to find new ways of meeting our needs by looking at our whole pathway through secure care.

By working together with staff and others before admission to secure care, during our stay in secure care, and then when we leave, My Shared Pathway helps us find our way through this part of our life that at times can be very confusing and difficult to manage.

My Shared Pathway provides guidance and information about how and what should happen along the pathway, as well as a Patient Portfolio of information to help us keep control of our life as much as possible.

My Shared Pathway will also help us to identify how we can test out the management of our own risks through close working with other agencies such as the Ministry of Justice. This will help to ensure as smooth a journey as possible through and out of secure care in the least restrictive environment possible.