My Shared Pathway - How It Works

My Shared Pathway includes using five Pathway Resource Books and a way of monitoring our progress called My Outcomes, Plans and Progress. The Reaching a Shared Understanding Resource Book will be worked on over the first few months after admission. However, the other four Resource Books can be used flexibly and are there to support your recovery journey if this is useful to you. These Resource Books may help us to identify and understand the shared goals and outcomes that we want to work on to help us move on in our lives and out of secure care.

Pathway Resource Books

The Pathway Resource Books are called:

A Shared Understanding

The first of these, A Shared Understanding is the first book we will try to complete soon after our admission or later if we have already been in hospital for a while. This book gives staff a picture of who we are, how we’re feeling, what we think of our mental health and will help us find out what’s going to happen to us during our stay in hospital. It also helps us find out what life skills we already have and what other skills we might need to work on during our time in hospital.

Other Books

The second book, Me and My Recovery, helps us to explore and discover our personal goals and strengths, as well as our own hopes and aspirations as part of our recovery. The other workbooks help us to explore what it is about our relationships with others, our mental and physical health, and our safety and management of risks that we need to work on together in order to achieve our hopes and plans as well as move on from secure care.

There may be other recovery tools such as the Recovery Star and WRAP that you may want to use instead of or alongside the Resource books. Whatever is useful to support you to answer the questions in the My Outcomes, Plans and Progress booklet.

Pathway Steps

Each of the books has an introduction, followed by four Pathway Steps, which each have prompt questions to help us build on our shared understanding at each Step.

The first Pathway Step, ‘Where am I now?’, is a full assessment of our current life situation.

Next is the goal-setting stage, ‘Where do I want to get to?’, which will lead to a series of goals and objectives outlining destinations for our recovery journey.

The next step, ‘How do I get there?’ focuses on the development of our Care Plans and other ways of helping us work towards achieving our goals.

The final step, ‘How can I tell how I’m doing?’ helps us to monitor our progress and looks at how this is measured and assessed.

Working Flexibly

We want to use all the Pathway Resource Books as flexibly as possible. It’s not necessary to work through them all in the same order and there might be some questions that are more relevant to us than others. We may already have a good understanding of where we are now in that particular area of our lives and we may want to go straight to the goal-setting Pathway Step, ‘Where do I want to get to?’. However we choose to use the books, we want them to be as helpful as possible and enable us to move on to My Outcomes, Plans and Progress in the most informed way we can.

My Outcomes, Plans and Progress

One of the ways our progress will be followed is called My Outcomes, Plans and Progress. This is something that will also be used to help decide when we can move out of hospital altogether. My Outcomes, Plans and Progress is divided into eight Outcome Areas:

A. My Mental Health Recovery

B. Stopping My Problem Behaviours

C. Getting Insight

D. Recovery From Drug and Alcohol Problems

E. Making Feasible Plans

F. Staying Healthy

G. My Life Skills

H. My Relationships

Like the Pathway Resource Books, My Outcomes, Plans and Progress is arranged into the four Pathway Steps. Each Outcome Area has an introduction explaining what that area is all about, together with a list of the Pathway Resource Books that relate to that area.

For more information, please download - Introduction to My Shared Pathway.