Ministry of Justice

We have recently had a very productive meeting with the Deputy Head of the Mental Health Casework Section, who was at the meeting to do a presentation about the work of the MoJ, about two areas of work:

  • Correspondence with service users. Following a questionnaire survey 18 months ago, where around 60% of service users and 60% of RCs said they thought direct correspondence between the MoJ and service users was a good idea, it has been agreed to look at ways of taking this forward. It has been suggested that RCs are asked when corresponding with the MoJ whether a discussion has taken place with the clinical team and the service user, if appropriate, about whether sending letters directly to the service user is a good idea.
  • Use of outcomes plans. Service users have said they would like to be able to contribute to the decision making processes of the MoJ and one way of doing this may be to forward to the MoJ the My Shared Pathway outcomes plan after every CPA that would include service user views. As this might require some changes to the way services and the MoJ work, it has been suggested that there might be a pilot scheme with volunteer services. Further discussions will take place about this.