Commissioning and Clinical Reference Groups

The Recovery and Outcomes Groups are closely linked with the commissioning of secure services. Commissioners attend the regional Recovery and Outcomes Groups and the notes from the meetings (minutes) are circulated around all the commissioners in that region as well as the national Operations Board. Another link is through the representatives on the Clinical Reference Groups.

There are 3 Clinical Reference Groups (High/Medium Secure, Low Secure and the Forensic Pathway Group). These groups advise NHS England on what services to commission and consist of clinicians, commissioners and Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) representatives. Ian and two other service users from other regions are PPE reps on the High/Medium and Low Secure CRGs.

The Recovery and Outcomes Groups are always on the agenda for the High/Medium CRG and are a stakeholder, so our views are well represented.

The CRG listened to the feedback from the Recovery and Outcomes Groups about what service users would like to see as this year’s CQUINs (the Commissioning for Quality and Innovation quality improvement scheme) and two of our suggestions were included. These are ‘Collaborative Risk Assessment’ and ‘Supporting Carer Involvement’.

Some of the other CQUINs include improving Physical Healthcare, the Friends and Family Test, Quality Dashboard and Pre-admission formulation, i.e. improving communication with service users prior to admission.